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January 9, 2013

With 2013 underway, it’s a good time to talk about what we’re planning for you in the upcoming year on the Xceedium blog. Managing privileged users is a critical task, what with growing regulatory and compliance loads and the increased risk organizations face today. But experience shows that successfully undertaking privileged identity and access management tasks in complex hybrid cloud environments introduces many new challenges.

Our goal is to provide you with a trusted, useful source of information on how to handle privileged identity and access management challenges in traditional data centers, public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, and virtualized infrastructure such as VMware. Specifically, we’ll be diving into topics like root password management, third party access controls and vendor management, password vaulting, privileged user monitoring, and more.

With recent posts about the Amazon Web Services re:Invent user conference and Gartner’s Identity and Access Management summit, we’ve provided insights into the latest activity within the privileged identity management space. Soon, we’ll be bringing you a series of posts on how to implement essential privileged user controls in the hybrid cloud, understanding federated identity, handling compliance issues like PCI and FedGov smart card regulations like HSPD-11/OMB 11-11, and other challenges. We’ll be presenting both high-level overviews, as well as the deep technical dives you need to go hands-on to address specific requirements.

Here’s a quick overview to those who will be contributing to the blog:

Glenn Hazard– with over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Xceedium CEO Glenn Hazard brings insights into the business challenges associated with privileged identity and access management. Glenn will review business requirements he’s garnered in customer discussions, key industry trends, as well as Xceedium’s future direction.

Mo Rosen– although he has focused on executive management roles within the enterprise software industry, Mo’s 25-plus years of experience started with developing communications software for Unix. He’s equally comfortable with detailed privileged access technology questions and industry-wide strategic issues, and those are the topics he’ll be discussing. Mo is EVP of Business Development at Xceedium.

Ken Ammon — bringing decades of experience in computer security at organizations including the National Security Agency, NETSEC, the U.S. Air Force, Trusted Computer Solutions, and more, Ken delivers in-depth technical information. Ken’s experience also allows him to offer a unique perspective on, and detailed information about security issues within the U.S. Federal government. Ken is Chief Strategy Officer at Xceedium.

John Suit — from a start as a Senior SIGINT Software Engineer, John has more than 20 years of technical expertise in multiple security disciplines. He holds twenty-one U.S. Patents – including five in information security analysis methods and systems. He’s served in senior executive technology roles at multiple companies, and has consulted extensively. Expect hands-on privileged identity management, Xsuite, AWS, and VMware technical discussions from John, Xceedium’s VP of Product Management.

Patrick McBride– with experience spanning technology positions, senior marketing and management roles, and extensive work in an advisory capacity with dozens of the world’s largest organizations, Patrick offers a wide-ranging perspective on industry trends and developments — tempered by practical, real world experience in what works, and what doesn’t. Patrick is VP of Marketing at Xceedium.

Shawn Hank – as the voice of the customer, Shawn will discuss issues customers are facing in successfully managing privileged identity, and how they’re leveraging Xceedium products. Shawn, Xceedium’s Systems Engineering Manager, will report on the real world issues and trends he and his team observe on a daily basis. Shawn’s background includes over 15 years of experience in security, networking, and communications.

Dale Gardner — like many others on the Xceedium team, I started my career in a technical role, supporting network and systems management programs for a variety of companies. Since then, over two decades as a product manager and marketing manager, I’ve built and supported multiple enterprise software and hardware products. For the last ten years, I’ve focused on various aspects of security at the network, system, and application level. I’m Director of Product Marketing for Xceedium.

We will also include guest posts from Xceedium Advisory Board members, as well as partners to provide you with a broader perspective.

We look forward to you joining us over the course of the coming year, and commit to providing you with information and insights you’ll find valuable. Time is a limited resource, and we appreciate you spending some of yours with us. We look forward to your questions, comments, and suggestions. Fell free to contact us, or tweet @Xceedium.

Dale Gardner
Director of Product Marketing


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