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Xceedium News Coverage

LA Times

June 16, 2015

Angels, Dodgers are responsible for their own cyber security

A baseball team — or any other small business — need not spend more than $20,000 to protect its intellectual property from cyber attack, said Mo Rosen, chief operating officer at Xceedium, a Virginia-based company that helps businesses and the government protect data. Rosen said a two-step authentication process — a password, plus a card provided by the Astros, similar to an ATM card — might have been enough to keep the team’s data safe. “They didn’t even take the most rudimentary steps to protect themselves,” Rosen said.

USA Today

June 16, 2015

Cardinals flap highlights new unwritten rule: Change your password

The St. Louis Cardinals confirmed Tuesday that they now are under investigation for a security breach into the Houston Astros’ computer system, stealing potential valuable information. Ken Ammon, CSO of Xceedium, a Cyber security expert, told USA TODAY Sports, “I think there’s an emotional tie here. It seems that someone must have thought that (Luhnow) downloaded intellectual property and took it with him. They feel entitled. So maybe someone thought by leaking embarrassing information, they would let them know they had access to their system. Usually, you won’t want anyone to know they have access to their system. This looks like it was personal.”

Government Executive

June 12, 2015

Why Credit Monitoring Fails to Address the Real Threat Facing Hacked Feds

Government Executive’s Eric Katz reports that while the Office of Personnel Management has offered 4 million current and former federal employees free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance, the response may completely miss the mark. As Xceedium’s Ken Ammon observes, credit monitoring is fine as a “first step,” it does little to protect individuals from bad actors. It’s likely the stolen information will be used to target individuals with highly sophisticated phishing attacks, or to attempt to coerce individuals into providing information.

Ars Technica

June 8, 2015

Why the “biggest government hack ever” got past the feds

Ken Ammon comments on the OPM breach: “I have yet to see any exploit that has this level of sophistication and data targeting,” he said. “By sophistication, what I’m talking about is what you do to start getting the data out. Getting in is way too easy, but there’s nobody who’s had that level of sophistication for data exfiltration outside of Russia and China.”

USA Today

June 7, 2015

Same groups may be behind OPM, healthcare hacks

In the last six to eight months there’s been “an unprecedented cutting through of red tape” resulting in the fastest implementations he’s ever seen in over 20 years working on government contracts, Ken Ammon of Xceedium comments on the federal response to cyber security.

LA Times

June 5, 2015

Chinese hackers sought information to blackmail U.S. government workers, officials believe

“As an intelligence agency there’s a lot of information you can derive from this,” said Ken Ammon, a former official at the National Security Agency and now the chief strategy officer at cybersecurity company Xceedium Inc. “You can potentially figure out missions based on who works with who, you can conduct missions to subvert individuals and create a spy or an insider,” he said.


June 5, 2015

Hackers Hit U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Ken Ammon of Xceedium senses a pattern of attacks by well-funded nation-states throughout both the commercial and the government sectors, with the OPM breach being the latest.

The Guardian

June 5, 2015

OPM hack: China blamed for massive breach of US government data

Ken Ammon, chief strategy officer at Xceedium, a government security contractor that specialises in securing privileged access to systems, said: “What we are seeing across the board is a particular weakness in our defence systems.”

CBS News

June 5, 2015

Massive hack of federal gov’t spurs critical concerns

Ken Ammon, chief strategy officer of Xceedium, commented on the cyber attack on the federal government that led to stolen data of four million federal employees. “This is an attack against the nation”.

The Independent

June 5, 2015

US government hack: China denies responsibility for cyber attack that stole personal details of four million employees

Ken Ammon, chief strategy officer of network security company Xceedium, claimed the attack [that stole information of up to four million former and current government employees]  had similarities to previous ones used for international espionage and warned that the stolen information could be used to impersonate or blackmail federal employees with access to classified information.


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