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Hybrid Cloud Security

Securing the New Enterprise

Organizations around the globe are using a combination of traditional computing, virtualization, and public-cloud infrastructure to deliver business applications quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. As you migrate systems to the cloud, or leverage the scalability and elasticity of cloud computing to deliver entirely new applications, you can run headlong into security and compliance issues that must be solved to protect your systems and make your auditors happy.


Introducing XSuite

Xceedium Xsuite® is a single, consolidated security solution that meets the needs of new enterprises, those venturing into cloud computing. It protects organizations from the risks and compliance issues associated with privileged users’ administrative accounts.

Leverage The Hybrid Cloud

With Xsuite, you can fully — and safely — leverage the hybrid cloud. Architect your applications, move systems wherever you need to, and rest assured that they will remain secure. And with unified policy management, detailed audit logs, and session recordings, you have what you need to prove it to the auditors.


Protect Hybrid Cloud Management Consoles

Cloud and virtualization introduce new superuser consoles to the mix. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console and VMware vCenter Server are the ultimate privileged adminstration tools. These consoles enable administrators to modify, delete, and add tens or even hundreds of new servers to virtual and cloud environments, often with just a few mouse clicks. The AWS Console is also a de facto procurement system, enabling administrators to instantly order additonal systems, storage, and network resources, financially obligating your organization. Xsuite provides a layered set of controls to ensure you know exactly who has access to what accounts, and what they did with those accounts.

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Protect Cloud Management APIs

AWS administrative users often leverage direct access to management console APIs to perform routine tasks. And such APIs are critical to the use of like Puppet and Chef. Xsuite provides robust protection for these APIs, enabling access control and comprehensive logging and monitoring. Commands and requests are evaluated prior to execution, and interactions are logged for near real-time review. Xsuite provides the same privileged identity management controls to protect AWS APIs as it does for other environments, including role-based privileged access control & single sign-on, full audit trail and session recording, separation of duties for the AWS API console interface, and password and access key management.


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