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Security Compliance

Regulators are extending security and privacy mandates to cover the risks posed by privileged users and administrative accounts. High profile insider breaches (e.g., Wikileaks), plus increasingly advanced spearfishing and APT-based attacks, have heightened regulator and auditor attention to privileged user threats. Privileged users include employees and third parties such as contractors and outsourcers.  The associated threats include lost, stolen, or unauthorized sharing of privileged credentials — the passwords and certificates that are the proverbial “keys to the kingdom.”

Xceedium Xsuite is a privileged identity management platform that enables enterprises to implement a comprehensive set of controls to reduce privileged user risks, address security regulations, and satisfy auditors regarding these risks.

Xsuite gives you a single platform for controlling privileged access and protecting credentials to systems that can reside in traditional datacenters, virtualized environments, public clouds, or any combination thereof.

Xsuite enables organizations to meet specific requirements for regulations including:

Credit Card Theft

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Insider Threats

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Video: 2-Minute Explainer

This quick video, just two minutes in length, will rapidly deliver insights into the risks posed by privileged users, and how Xsuite circumvents the risks.Read More