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What is Xsuite?

Xceedium Xsuite® is a privileged identity management tool that enables you to control and audit privileged access to physical, cloud-based, or hybrid cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Why Use Xsuite?

You have to protect your organization from its most serious security risk: the risk of rogue systems administrators or hackers with stolen credentials easily stealing your data or crashing your critical systems.

Xsuite prevents privileged users — employees and third parties — from harming your critical systems and data. It’s a proactive tool that stops privileged users from taking unauthorized actions, preventing damage and loss while providing alerts and detailed forensic data to help investigate incidents.

Traditional perimeter defenses can’t protect systems from privileged user risks — Xsuite does.

Perimeter defenses also are useless against privileged user risks encountered in cloud-only and hybrid-cloud architectures. Xsuite solves the problem:

Who Should Use Xsuite?

How Xsuite is Licensed

Each Xsuite appliance is fully capable of managing privileged users across the entire hybrid cloud–including traditional data centers, virtualized infrastructure, and public/private clouds. Organizations can deploy Xsuite in the optimal environment for their specific needs, while ensuring comprehensive hybrid cloud security.

Pricing information can be found here.

Xsuite Purchase Options

Hardware Appliance

Xsuite is a purpose-built system including essential security, performance, and reliability features like load balancing and active/active clustering

Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

VMware OVF-compliant Virtual Appliance

Xsuite’s Certifications

Xsuite is the industry’s most highly certified privileged identity management solution.

Evaluation Options

Xceedium offers free evaluations of the Xsuite product. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and make arrangements.

High Availability/Reliability

IAM/Enterprise Integration

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